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Welcome to Education Welfare Services Midlands

“At the heart of all school attendance”

Education Welfare Services Midlands (EWSM) has committed as its core principles that
“All statutory school aged children and young people have a right to a suitable education”.
EWSM works very closely with Leicestershire Local Authority, Schools, parents, young people,  Health Services, Social Services, CAMHS, GP’s, Youth service, and numerous other organisations to try and ensure that all children and young people are able to achieve and benefit from education.

EWSM gives priority to Child Protection and Safeguarding and immediate safe and well checks are carried out.


EWSM are a highly professional service and are a committed to raising overall attendance for schools and lowering the number of students with Persistent Absence.(PA)

We understand that missing school is detrimental for pupils and their learning and has been proven to lead to lower grades and in turn damages a young person’s life chances.

This is taken very seriously and parents/ carers are committing an offence if a child does not attend school on a regular basis and the school is not authoring the absences.


We also offer the full range of prompt legal services to schools from preparation of case files to attending court to give evidence.

We offer bespoke packages to suit the individual needs of schools, parents and young people.

Our Testimonials

Charnwood College Principal Mark Sutton

"Experience & Expertise"

I have the highest regard for the work of Naina Zavery / EWSM.  Her experience & expertise, particularly in the area of persistent absenteeism have meant that she has had a significant impact on our attendance figures this year.  She has identified improvements to our procedures, intervened early with individuals and families & linked with other agencies to promote good attendance.

Thorpe Acre Infant School Head Jane Fines

"Prompt Actions"

Working with EWSM enables us to have a very proactive approach to improving attendance. Our school procedures for all attendance matters have improved and this had a positive impact on our figures. Naina is excellent at ensuring prompt actions are taken and will continually update the school on all matters.

Leah Barrowcliffe


"Life Saver"

Before Naina's input I felt like no one listened! No one would help my two children and they were really struggling. Naina is polite, always listens & has a plan & actually does what she says she will do.She's been a life saver not just to my children but to me.I couldn't recommend her enough in fact I actually tell people to contact her.

Thorpe Acre Jr School Head Teacher Jo Beaumont

"Positive Impact"

Working with Education Welfare Services Midlands has had a positive impact on our schools attendance figures, on raising parent’s awareness of the importance of good attendance and the implications of their child attendance falling below acceptable levels.

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