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About Us

At Education Welfare Services Midlands (EWSM) we are passionate about education and know through personal experience the immense power of education in building and shaping a young person’s life.

It opens a gateway to a vast array of opportunities and we want to support families, young people and schools in giving a student the best life chances by promoting and working in the area of school attendance.

EWSM is a committed organisation with highly qualified Education Welfare Officers who provide efficient, effective and a highly professional service.

We have over 20 years’ experience working with schools, young people and families not just in the UK but also in the USA. The work in Boston, USA involved worked with Young Offenders setting up Inter- State groups from Boston, New York and Washington to support Young Offenders to get back on track with their daily lives and back into full time Education. 

EWSM have a full understanding of the barriers to Education such as poverty, deprivation, substance abuse, family issues, young carers, teenage pregnancy, school issues, medial needs, etc. and actively seek to support families to try and get the young person back into education.

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We have excellent relationships with a number of different agencies such as Social Care, Youth Offending, YISP, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Police, Voluntary Services, GP’s, Local Authorities, Childrens Hospital Schools, and all other agencies that work with families.

EWSM has the only qualified Persistent Absence EWO in the Leicestershire area who worked very closely with Leicestershire County Council’s Schools’ Improvement Team and the Attendance and Behaviour consultants.

EWSM has the ability and expertise to work with schools to increase a schools overall attendance whilst specifically targeting the reduction of Persistent Absence.

EWSM offers also offers a Strategic and Operational support to school on their school policy on Attendance and Welfare, staff understanding of attendance, INSET training, Legal advice and other services.

We have an excellent track record of getting students back to school and have seen a large number of young people go on to be extremely successful in their lives.

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