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Naina Zavery
Senior Education Welfare Officer


I am supported by a very committed and professional Admin team who ensure that there are no delays in the progression of cases and prompt follow ups are carried out by on a daily basis.

I am a great advocate of Education and previously lived in Boston, USA where I worked with Young Offenders setting up Inter-State groups from Boston, New York and Washington to support Young Offenders to achieve a sense of normality in their complex lives and to see a future through education.

On returning from the USA I continued to work with young people and am now a fully qualified Senior Education Welfare Officer and the only Qualified Persistent Absence EWO. 

I have worked in a number of different schools within the Leicestershire/ Midlands area and this has enabled me to have a greater understanding of what schools require and that each one has very specific needs.

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I have excellent relationships with various agencies and have been able to build on this from year to year and maintain close working relationships with a number of Local Authorities.

As the only qualified Persistent Absence EWO in the Leicestershire area; I have worked very closely with Leicestershire County Council's Schools Improvement Team and the Attendance and Behaviour consultants.

I have in-depth knowledge of Persistent Absence and how to reduce this for schools and how to improve overall attendance in schools.
I believe that every  child has a right to an education and we must endeavour to support parents, young people and schools if we are to see our future generations succeed.

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